from Motivational Speaker and Branding Expert Jeffrey Candelaria 

Live The Obvious. Live Your Truth In Business and Life

Reach Your Personal And Organizational Goals

Your CORE VALUES are the backbone of your BRAND. They make up the fabric of your business and serve as a guide for how you operate internally and externally. If your core values are not defined or you do not know how to deploy them, your organization will LACK authencity, FAIL to connect with your customers, and ultimately will NOT reach its full potential.

Jeffrey Candelaria, Founder and Owner of Konnection Now, LLC, can help you define your core values with a CORE VALUE ASSESMENT. You will be able to define your core values and deploy them throughout your organization.

The Konnection Now Method

The KONNECTION NOW METHOD is a three step process which realigns your ACTIONS with your GOALS


  • You the LEADER
  • Your COMPANY




Reveal with clarity and confidence "Who You Are", not just "What You Do"

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“I met with Jeffrey for a session and what he does, quite simply, is fantastic! He helped me articulate what I want my business to be through his understanding of my personality, work ethic, and motivation. Jeffrey has an amazing ability to bring clarity and conciseness to complex ideas and big thoughts. I throughly enjoyed my session and felt it provided great insight for me. I would highly recommend this for any entrepreneur, business owner, or leader.”

Dr. Paul Martinez

About Jeffrey Candelaria

Brand Specialist, Owner of Konnection Now 03, LLC  

He is a proven “difference maker” in business and people with more than twenty-five years of experience in Corporate Sales, Marketing, Media, and Business Events Production for the full spectrum of businesses including non-profits to fortune 500 companies. Konnection Now 03 LLC focuses on:

  • You the Individual based on: Trust, Distinction, Commitment and Performance (not just function). 
  • Your Company or Sales Team as a “culture” with Values, Convictions and Standards predicted on: Trust, Distinction, Commitment and Performance (not just function).  
  • “Sustainable Sales”, not just Transactional Sales. 
  • Authenticity and Confidence. 
  • Leveraging Emotion, Loyalty and Transparency (not political correctness). 
  • Destination Sales- Authentic Techniques to make YOU a target and or destination in Sales and more!

Jeffrey emphasizes- Authenticity founded on Trust, Commitment, Distinction and Performance beyond function. Instruction is designed from the Bottom Up (Inside Out) as opposed to the traditional methods which teach Sales form the Top Down. Delivery: We conduct: a) Direct Training b) “Live” Presentations c) Video Tutorials (“Sustainable Sales Isn’t Just a Transaction”) d) Leadership Seminars based on “The Psychology of Sales.” e) Consultation and Business Brokerage f) Produces the largest monthly "Live" business mixers in Albuquerque (become a Konnect KLIENT).

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